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Released in the summer of ’77, “Moody Blue” would become the final record of singer Elvis Presley, during his lifetime.  It’s a patchwork of songs from 1977 (live recordings), 1976 (the last of the “Jungle Room” sessions) and 1974 (“Let Me Be There”.)

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In January 1977, Elvis was set to finish the recordings, then backed off at the last moment.  [Reason given:  a throat infection, although it was probably due to an argument with his then-girlfriend Ginger Alden.]

“Moody Blue” was pressed in a translucent blue vinyl.   A few copies were done in traditional black.  The single “Moody Blue” was black: however, five copies are blue.  (Collector’s items.)

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The second single “Way Down” was issued and was still for sale at the time of his death (Aug. 16) and went all the way to number one in England.  [The British being some of Elvis’ most loyal fans, despite the fact that he never went there.]

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“Moody Blue’s” version of “Unchained Melody” is not to be confused with the one contained on “Elvis – The Great Performances”.  [Originally cut from Elvis in Concert”.]  “Unchained Melody” would also be released as a single, backed by “Softly As I Leave You” (previously unreleased.)

“Let Me Be There” (thrown in from a 1974 live album) seems misplaced  – sung by a young-sounding Elvis and contrasts with other songs.

The first three songs are live recordings added from Elvis’ spring tours – RCA’s only way of finishing it.

“It’s Easy for You”, the last song on side 2, appears to be a message for his ex-wife Priscilla, as many as his songs were during their separation.  “I had a wife, I had children, I gave them all away.”

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Interesting side note:  the odd album cover was a printing error.  RCA intended this one for the cassette.  That’s why the photo of Elvis is only three inches tall.  Only three of the correct album covers still exist.

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