As the riots die down, how will it be judged?  Much the same way the 1992 L.A. riots were, for the MSM.

Reality check:  the public (remember them?) were on the protestors side on the first day, but as their actions morphed into looting, arson, violence and death, their support dwindled.

Not for the MSM however, who will never admit when they’re wrong.

We have the absurdity of the March through May “social distancing”.  Now, shelter-in-place and wearing a mask has become a joke.  Democrats neurotic germaphobia that saved zero lives appears ridiculous.

Funniest moment:  Joe Biden wearing a mask that looked more like panties on his face.  (Maybe, they were.)

The real aftermath are the people who have to clean up the mess left behind and rebuild their businesses.  What are they going to do?  If they rebuild, will it be torn down later?

President Trump will spin this as the left run amok, which is true…and yet his failure to act when it started was my greatest disappointment.  Don’t blame it on his advisors.  As Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

As much as I hate Hillary Clinton, if it had happened under her regime, she would’ve had soldiers on the ground with bazookas, tanks and flamethrowers.

So, did anybody learn anything?  Probably not.  Will it happen again?  It always does.

Text (C) – ERN

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