Elvis Suicide?

Since August 16, 1977, the death of singer/actor Elvis Presley has stirred up controversy – controversy that still exists today.  Originally, the coroner stated that Elvis died from “cardiac arrhythmia” (a heart attack.)  In 1979, ABC’s Geraldo Rivera reported that Elvis died from a drug overdose caused by a combination of 10+ drugs found in his system.  (PolyPharmacy.)  Later, Elvis’ stepbrother David Stanley made the claim that Elvis said shortly before his death that the next time he saw him, it would be on a “higher plane.”  Of all the death theories, which holds up?

One. Natural Causes.  It’s true that at the age of 42, Elvis was grossly overweight:  six feet, 250 lbs.  Could this have led to his heart attack?  Unlikely.  Elvis died while reading in his bathroom.

Two.  Overdose.  On that last day, Elvis bloodstream became a witches brew of pain killers, anti-anxiety pills, Quaaludes, sleeping pills, and over the counter medication.  How or why was this allowed to happen?  Unfortunately, Elvis’ best protectors had left.  His longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson gave up in Dec. 1976.  Elvis bodyguards Red and Sonny West were fired.  His new caretakers, including supposed fiancee Ginger Alden and his stepbrothers, Ricky and David, were not as diligent.  Left to his own devices, Elvis could, whether meaning to or not, overdose himself.

Three.  Suicide.  It must be remembered that David Stanley was using the new suicide expose to make money on a proposed tell-all book.  This does not mean he made it up; however, he could have.  Did Elvis have just cause to kill himself?  Would he?  Weighing the pros and cons…


One.  “Elvis:  What Happened?” a scandalous paperback book which revealed his drug addiction had been released 16 days prior.

Two.  Declining record sales.  Elvis’ last major album was in 1973, four years earlier.

Three.  Depression about age, weight and his betrayals.

Four.  Unable to perform like he used to.

Five.  Money problems, lawsuits, and a failed investment in a racquetball court company.


One.  Elvis behavior didn’t especially indicate suicide.  He spoke of the upcoming tour and played racquetball earlier that morning.

Two.  Elvis may have been planning to marry Ginger Alden.

Three.  Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie was in the house at the time.

Four.  Elvis wanted to prove to his fans that he could still sing like he used to.

Five.  Elvis’ fan base remained loyal, cheering him on no matter what.

While there isn’t enough proof of suicide, it’s possible.  The theory that Elvis saved up his “attacks” as he called his packets of pills and then took them all at once would have killed him.  The doubt left is this – It’s based on someone profiting from the story.

Accidental overdose?  Also possible.  Elvis had become so used to taking drugs for so long that he got careless and finally it was too much for his body to take.

Conclusion.  I believe it’s a combination of factors.  Elvis’ people weren’t paying attention to him that day.  Elvis’ lifestyle, created by himself, was a form of slow suicide.  No one said no to the King, supplying him endlessly with too much food, too much medication, too much of everything.  In the end, he could take no more.

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