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Dems support Ashli Babbitt’s murder

Those who support the murder of Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol Building have argued that she had to be killed “for the safety of those in Congress”.  They state that the angry mob would’ve swarmed into the Speakers Lobby and killed those in hiding.

What they fail to mention:  None of the Trump Protesters were found with weapons.  SWAT was with Ashli Babbitt right before she tried to enter thru the broken window.  Apparently, they did not find her dangerous.  The truck magically found with explosives was planted there by Antifa.

You have to be on the side of Satan to defend the actions of the gunman.  (Who shot her point black with a .40-caliber semi-auto.)

New information on the murderer of Ashli Babbitt includes:  He’s black, on paid leave, and is a Lieutenant.  He was investigated by the Metro Police and the Justice Dept.  More than likely the investigation is over and he will be cleared of all wrong doing.

All that remains if for her family to file a civil action – A wrongful death lawsuit.

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