Game Over II – We Lose

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During the last year, the U.S. has gone thru a number of monumental changes.

One.  Pres. Trump replaced by Joe Biden in a stolen election.

Two.  Mainstream Media has gone into full propaganda mode.  All left – all the time with no attempt at showing both sides.

Three.  Cancel Culture erasing anything the far-left deems offensive.

Four.  White Privilege is now deemed a real thing.  Acts of physical violence carried out by BLM, Antifa are blamed on mythical white supremist groups.  Deluded academics living in a bubble of approved racism.

Five.   Masks here to stay?  Forced covid shots?  Co-vid passports already a reality.

Six.  Obama’s third term?  Word is Biden is simply a stooge for Barack Obama – a foreign-born, anti-American Muslim.

The last of the list may be the key to this all.

While many dream and wish for a Trump comeback in 2024, that’s not going to happen.

From here on, elections can’t be counted on to change anything.

The MSM has declared the 2020 Gen. Election as the first one with NO CHEATING…despite a mountain of evidence proving otherwise.

If Trump wasn’t allowed to win again, what makes you think anyone else will come along and save the day?  2016 was a fluke.  The DNC, believing their own PR, thought Hillary Clinton had it won.  Instead, they had their ass handed to them on a silver platter.  So instead, they made sure Pres. Trump’s agenda would be neutralized whenever possible.  Impeachment investigations, impeachment threats, two House votes approvals for impeachment – over a phone call about Hunter Biden’s proven money-taking from the Ukraine and two, Trump’s Jan. 6th speech that “caused an insurrection”.  Oh yeah, and a three and a half year investigation into Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election.  These allegations – all proven false – can be traced back to Camp Hillary Clinton, aided by Barack Obama.

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Has it ever occurred to you the Democrats colluded with China to steal the 2020 election?  That Trump’s only chance of losing was to flatline the economy?  Done with the coronavirus – – which came from China – – dumped in an outdoor seafood market – – from an experimental lab funded by George Soros.

Biden’s own people admit they couldn’t have won without it.

Citizens, while you’re busy watching Netflix or playing videogames, our country is being “fundamentally changed” to use Obama’s words.  Where will be ten years from now?

New wars have been promised with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Will we need permission from the gov’t to travel?

Will there be food to eat?  (Food/water supply – their next target.)

Will the Internet be allowed to continue or will we have a censored China-style web?

Gasoline prices will continue to climb.  How soon before you find yourself unable to go anywhere?

This is the way the top 1% have planned it.  They don’t want you to have the same freedoms they have.  Your Constitutional Rights – especially your 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm are on the chopping block.

And none of this could have happened without your acquiescence.  Stand by, do nothing, wear your mask, sit down and be quiet.  Be a good slave to the antichrist’s beast system.

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