The Mysterious DEATH of BOB SAGET

Actor/tv host/stand-up comic Bob Saget’s death was caused by blunt force head trauma, according to autopsy results.

Initial mainstream media reports:  Saget’s death was not caused by drugs or foul play.  Today, they’re sticking to their story with the same narrative:  “Bob Saget accidently hit his head and somehow didn’t realize the extent of his injuries.  He went to sleep and never woke up.”

The MSM are repeating this on every station.  What’s wrong with that?  There’s no proof.  There are no witnesses.  And yet they report it with absolute certainty.  What happened to investigative journalism?  How do we know what happened on January 9?  Why the made-up scenario?  That is more suspicious then anything else.

Bob Saget was a well-known celebrity who had a top ten show throughout most of the 1990’s.  Are you telling me in all that time he made no enemies?  Friends of Saget noticed him to have changed recently being oddly reticent and somber.  Was he aware that his time was up?  If so, why?

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One thought on “The Mysterious DEATH of BOB SAGET

  1. I saw a clip where he was doing an interview with the lady and he says something like i’m gonna die soon and she goes “better watch out” or something like that which was so random considering she was mouthing off mafia movies and then bob saying his time was up, unless he was referring to the the age of the movies being as old as him but still weird either way

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