The Beatles “Get Back”


January 1969.  The Let It Be album/documentary/album began as a film/TV special for the Beatles.  Subsequently, the project ended the most popular rock group of its time.

Record producer Phil Spector would piece together miles of recording tape into their final album.  All the released singles were Paul McCartney’s including “The Long and Winding Road”, “Let It Be” and “Get Back”.  The movie won an Oscar for Best Original Score.

One of the film’s highlights is when George Harrison quits the band after Paul McCartney suggests replacing him with Eric Clapton.  After George walks out, Yoko Ono sits up on an amp and shrieks out her idea of “singing”, accompanied by the Beatles.

The Beatles: Get Back Debunks The Oldest Yoko Ono Myth

While the Beatles were able to patch up their differences for Abbey Road (Summer ’69), it was the end.  John Lennon would unofficially quit the group (most believe at the behest of Yoko Ono.)  The other three bandmates convince him to remain quiet about it.

April 1970.  Upon the release of “Let It Be”, (the title song John called “a bore”), Paul McCartney officially quits.

Talk of rejoining the famous band ends when John Lennon is gunned down by a madman named Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980.

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John Lennon & assassin

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