Debate 2 – Trump Returns with a Vengence

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October 9, 2016.  St. Louis, 2nd Presidential Debate.  Whatever you may hear about the debate, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump was the winner.  Hillary Clinton also realized this was not her night.  Towards the end, she was no longer smiling, seemed old and sad, and probably wishes she hadn’t forced Trump into saying what must be said.  Likewise former Pres. Bill Clinton looked ashen, when Trump mentioned his many sex crimes.

ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 09: (L-R) Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick sit before the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Bill’s victims sat in the audience:  Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick.

I can’t help but think HRC would’ve stood a much better chance of winning, if she had remained Senator, rather than trying her hand at foreign affairs.  The Middle East is in utter turmoil today, thanks partially to the Obama-Clinton years.

Hosts were Anderson Cooper and super-bitch Hillary-supporter Martha Raddatz who made a jackass out of herself.  She argued with Trump that sometimes it is better to tell the enemy what you’re going to do in warfare.  Ever hear of D-Day?

Right off the bat, Trump was asked about statements made in 2005 – language caught on a hot mic.  This was pure tabloid journalism and did not belong in the debate.  Of course, CNN/Clinton wanted it more than anything.  11 years ago, Trump made some off-color remarks, language used sometimes by men when they talk about women.  By now, most females know what men are like or at least they should.  Anybody offended by Trump needs to grow up and live in the real world.  (Including those beta-male Republicans quitting on Trump.)

Rightly said, Mr. Trump spoke about “ISIS chopping off heads and drowning people in cages.”  This is what America should be worried about because Hillary wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian Muslims here to the USA.  Europe is in chaos because of these filthy “refugee” rapists, murdering scumbags.

Trump mentioned the Syrian “rebels” we’re arming to fight Assad.  I’ve said this going back to 2012 – they’re terrorists and that is why Trump said Obama is the creator of ISIS.

Mrs. Clinton had little to nothing to say about her 33,000 deleted emails or how she was Bill Clinton’s enabler in covering up his sex crimes.  Why?  Because she’s guilty as hell.

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Our inner-cities are crime ridden; some little better than war zones; the direct result of soft Democratic leadership.  Where are the solutions?  All “H” can do is name call:  “Racists, sexists, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamaphobe.”  The police back Trump.  “Black Lives Matter” back Clinton.  Need I say more?

The lying MSM called it for Clinton.  I’m not sure which debate they attended.  It couldn’t have been this one.

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Lord of the Flies

My favorite moment?  A fly landed on Hillary Clinton.  This happened to Pres. Obama before, a number of times.  The meaning of that is unmistakable.

Debate 3 will be held in Las Vegas.  Prediction?  Split decision.  Hillary went into debate two expecting an easy win and was trounced.  She’ll be fully loaded with whatever drug they’re giving her to keep her on her feet.  Trump will also be one-hundred per-cent.  Expect fireworks.

Text (C) 2016 – ERN

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