Notre Dame Fire (when you know it was the Muslims)


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Paris, France.  April 14, 2019.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Europe’s greatest architectural triumph and symbol of the Catholic church, became engulfed in flames and was partially destroyed.

The MSM immediately blamed the fire on a “renovation accident” and not on the millions of Muslim immigrants who have sworn Islam will conquer Europe.  No evidence so far on how this “accident” occurred or the coincidence of the fire erupting during Easter week.

During recent months, several Christian churches have been burned at the hands of Muslim terrorists.  The one sole man who was willing to say this on Fox News yesterday was promptly removed for “preaching hate”.

Witnesses state that during the first hour, firemen were slow to act.  Later, they were praised for their actions.  If I was in charge, I’d fire the whole fucking lot.

See the source image  Pres. Trump was derided for tweeting the above statement.  The leftist media scoffed saying water would collapse the structure.  The church was allowed to burn throughout the entire night.

Citizens, the Western World is in an undeclared war with the barbaric hoards.   How many acts of terrorism does it take for the collective left to pull their heads out of their collective butts and realize these sub-humans want to kill us?  And if you’re stupid enough not to care because it happened far, far away, I’m telling you more of the same is coming here.  (Last week, MN. Congresswoman Omar commented that 9/11 was done by “some people who did something.”)

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Regardless of your opinion on the matter, it’s a simple statement of fact:  You must choose sides.  It’s us versus them.  Co-existence is not an option.

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