Far left mobs have been defacing any statues that offend them.  No, we’re not living in Soviet Russia.  It’s happening right here in the USA.

Provoked by the media, tolerated by Democratic leaders, encouraged by anti-American foreign elements, these extremists think their day has come.

What we have here is a 1968 situation:   a time of lawlessness, upheavals and assassinations.  Who did we elect that year?  Richard Nixon.

Why?  Because the general public (the silent majority) wants law and order.  They don’t like what they’re seeing, despite the MSMs efforts to make it seem like they do.

Filmmaker Michael Moore (a realist, at least), understands this, saying not to underestimate Trump and warning that his core audience of “white men” will come out in droves to reelect him in November.  For once, I agree.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Pres. Trump can and will defeat Joe Biden, one of the worst and weakest candidates ever to run for the presidency.

(C) 2020-ERN

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