Left-Wing Coup?

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Everywhere we go, gov’t officials are tying up yellow tape, keeping people out of previously available areas for public usage.  Somehow this doesn’t apply to the “protestors” (Antifa, BLM, anarchists and agitators.)  You know, rioters killing and destroying people’s property.

Is this a left-wing coup?

Democrats want to defund the police and replace them with what?  A nationalized 1-world government police force?  NWO?

What would be happening now if Trump weren’t president?  What happens if next year we have a Democratic president?  We’d be in, what I call a “soft dictatorship”.

Much depends on the 2020 General Election.  How are we going to live?  In a free society or one where the government allows you to do certain things.  In the future, if you are not one of them, will you be considered the enemy?

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