YouTube Banned!

YouTube’s newest star: John Hinckley Jr.

From here on, will no longer post any new video from YouTube.

YouTube selectively bans any video that claims the 2020 election was stolen.  Additionally, they pick and choose segments of the population which you cannot speak against:  that is, homosexuals, minority groups, Muslims (including terrorist groups) and the leftist agenda.

Now YouTube has allowed John Hinckley Jr. to have his own channel.  On March 30, 1981, Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, who was wounded and nearly died.  Also wounded were police officer Thomas Delahanty, Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy and press secretary James Brady, left partially paralyzed.

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If YouTube allowed all videos, I would not comment.  They are deliberately choosing someone they approve of.  Hinckley.  To show you where the Democratic Party is, Hinckley is receiving encouraging comments congratulating him for shooting Pres. Reagan.

Some of you reading this will say, “Oh, well,” or “the past is past.”  Not me.  I’m done with YouTube.  What about you?

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