Tom Hanks “Vaccine”

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Actor Tom Hanks who supposedly had Covid-19 and who became “the face of the coronavirus” is donating his anti-bodies (blood serum) for the “cure”.

What is the hidden meaning behind this?

It’s what the ILLUMINATI wants.  Their symbolic blood sacrifice – a mockery of Christianity.  The secular Hanks vs. Jesus Christ.  His blood heals us all.

How much more obvious can you get?  And why wouldn’t the sheeple eagerly take the Tom Hanks remedy?  Didn’t he suffer for all of us to take away the sins of the world?

I doubt Hanks or his Satanist wife ever had the illness.  The elite, the top 1% received the real vaccine – while us common-folk get the Bill Gates vaccine – full of pig cells and monkey embryos.

(C) 2020-ERN

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