HR 6666 Trace Act

Congressional Democrats are attempting to push thru a $100 billion bill (the TRACE ACT) – authorizing the government – to send “mobile Health units” for the purpose of forced Covid-19 testing IN YOUR HOME.  If you fail their test, you will be taken away and quarantined.

The World Health Organization floated this idea out a month ago.  (“Quarantined with dignity.”)

Additionally, the bill states they intend to continue this thru 2021.

Where is all this leading?  A new world order satanic dictatorship.  Say NO – be vocal – and STOP this government agenda.

(C) 2020-ERN

One thought on “HR 6666 Trace Act

  1. Being vocal does nothing, it is proven, measurably… Having the balls to say no and resisting the power structure is the only way. Will any of these things you mention be “Law?”

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